Bas Vredeling

Web Developer


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Commited to creating elegant web sites and applications. Advocate of open source technology as key to empowering web users. Dedicated Drupal developer.

Working with Drupal since version 4. Professionally developing Drupal sites since 2007. Member of the Drupal Association. Currently mainly working on D8 projects.


  • Bas Vredeling
  • Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • 1978
  • Dutch, English (fluent), German, French, Spanish (decent)
  • B


Web Development

Broad experience in creating plain websites, communities, ecommerce, publishing platforms, aggregators.

System Architecture

Skilled in system architecture and system integration for fully scalable platforms.

Front-end Development

Seasoned front-end developer with a keen eye for design and accessibility.


Can perform stack and front-end performance analysis and optimisations.


Can give security advice and do audits on application security hardening.

Continuous integration

Experience in setting up continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines.


Extension Development

Development of tailor-made modules, plugins and themes. Elegant implementation of community projects.

Decoupling & Distribution

Development of complex multi-site, multi-domain solutions. Headless and service based architecture.


Coaching and training junior developers in development methodology, tooling, team strategies, SCRUM and coding standards.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript, jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Docker
  • CI, CD
  • Git, SVN
  • Solr
  • Services, APIs
  • Redis, Varnish
  • APC, Memcache


Code Culture

Founder / Owner

2004 - present

Self-employed / freelance web developer. Predominantly Drupal CMS development, template building, extension development, training and consultancy. Previously also Joomla and Magento development.


Web systems developer and consultant

2007 - 2016

Development and architecture of the web systems employed by a network of entrepreneurs. Education and assessment of fellow developers on new technologies.


Senior Software Developer


Lead development of Drupal websites for clients. Planning, coordination and execution of in-house initiated communities and marketing oriented websites.

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Electronic Learning Environment Administrator

2001 - 2005

Support of education with new media in both the classroom and online. System administrator of the electronic learning environment Blackboard. Assistance of both lecturers and students in new media projects and initiatives.



Internet agency

2018 - 2021

Freelance Drupal back-end developer. We worked in small agile teams to create several client projects. Most notably websites for the Dutch Water Sector, Madurodam, FME, Snowworld, Synerkri and others.

Job title: backend developer
Tooling: PHP, Symfony, MySQL, Drupal, Docker, Git, Composer, Grunt, Gulp, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, Continuous Integration, Memcache, Solr, Services

RNW Media



RNW Media is an NGO that spawned from the Dutch broadcasting world service (Wereldomroep). As a dedicated Drupal developer I supported their programme of promoting topics like equal rights, civil liberties, free press, by building various websites all over the world. These websites have millions of views each year and published content in many languages and locales.

Job title: senior backend developer
Tooling: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Docker, Git, Composer, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, Continuous Integration, Algolia

Dutch Chamber of Commerce

Connecting Entrepreneurs

2018 - present

Front-end restructuring and back-end development for nlgroeit, a platform to connect successful business owners with one another in mentor / mentee roles.

Job title: Full Stack developer
Tooling: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Docker, Git, Composer, Gulp, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, Sass, Solr, Redis


Digital Logistics

2015 - 2019

TransFollow develops various digital products for logistics services. We created a portal displaying essential information when loading and shipping dangerous goods by road. For their main electronic waybill product we developed a responsive product website.

Job title: lead developer
Tooling: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Git, Composer, HTML, CSS, Sass, Commerce


Marketplace for heavy machinery


Online verticals multinational OLX started a global marketplace for heavy machinery in 2017. We grew this platform to be market leading in volume within 6 months of launch, containing about half a million ads in multiple countries.

Job title: backend developer
Tooling: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Web Services, Git, Composer, HTML, CSS, Sass, Web Components, E-Commerce, Solr, Varnish, New Relic


Developer portal


Dutch mail and parcel distributor PostNL has a wide range of APIs that developers can use for parcel tracking, postal code lookups, and much more. For reference to developers we built a portal containing extensive api documentation and a sandboxing tool to test api functionality.

Job title: backend developer
Tooling: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Web Services, Swagger, HTML, CSS



2012- 2016

The company site we inherited was built by inexperienced developers. We restored maintainability by unhacking the code, setting up a proper multi-site environment, implementing multilingual modules and workflow. Other assignments included updating the themes to a new layout, migrating content and supporting their in-house developers.

Job title: lead developer
Tooling: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Joomla, Git, CVS, Subversion, HTML, CSS, Less, Commerce

2Value Websites

Multiple Drupal and non-Drupal websites

2007 - 2016

As a freelancing associate of 2Value I've been employed in many roles: developer, consultant, trainer and tester, to name a few. I've built various implementations of their company website and several internal applications. Among these are a webshop, a wiki, a payment and accounting system and a project management platform.

Job title: lead developer / consultant
Tooling: PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Joomla, MediaWiki, Magento, CVS, Subversion, HTML, CSS

2Value Training

Training & coaching

2007 - 2016

I've have been training of both Drupal and Joomla developers in using proper development tools and strategies such as: Git, Subversion, OTAP. To get more Drupal expertise within 2Value's developer network I've set up a Drupal junior developer course spanning a week of full time training and a month of applied mentoring.

Job title: trainer / coach
Tooling: PHP, Drupal, Joomla, Agile, SCRUM, Subversion, OTAP

Dutch Provinces

Geo-information platforms

2014 - 2016

Audit and development of two maps platforms of the Dutch provincial governments to publish geo-information concerning the location and details of both industrial zones and water quality.


Corporate website


At identify firm Total Active Media we’ve implemented a completely new design for hosting service provider Proserve. My role involved tasks like front-end development, website configuration, responsive site setup. This website was featured on Adobe’s as a showcase in early 2017.


Corporate website


Corporate website redesign of the Internet of Things technology company Undagrid.




Website redesign and Drupal upgrade of the Zuyderland hospitals in Limburg, the Netherlands.


Amsterdam Jewish museums website


The museums of the "Joods Cultureel Kwartier" in Amsterdam wanted to have a joint inventory and information display on this decoupled Drupal website containing a large quantity of images and texts.


Multi-site cooperation platform

2007 - 2015

Cooplace is an extranet provider. Loosely based on the Open Atrium distribution of Drupal we've built a multisite solution which allows organisations to rent their own extranet and configure needed functionality. Each client is given their own stack and content is aggregated in a central portal via services.


Social Development NGO


Developing both the public website and the intranet. Social media connections, theme implementations, new content types. Feed aggregation via services and targeted content.

ROC Midden Nederland

Large educational organisation


Corporate site support and development of new functionality.

iKot Brik

Real estate & student housing


Personalised mailing module and digest aggregator for Belgian student housing agent.


Interest organisation for medical service providers

2010 - 2012

Development of their website and extranet.

Alliander Innovation Platform

Electricity infrastructure provider


Innovation tool and intranet. Consultancy, test and development work.


Dutch architect community


Support, debugging, testing, style implementations of high throughput, media-rich website.


Insurances and financial products for the medical sector


Complete overhaul of the corporate website: re-development, re-style and content migration. Various campaign websites.

Salvation Army

Dutch Salvation Army e-commerce platform


The Dutch chapter of the international Salvation Army has a wide range of products in an ubercart shop. The shop needed upgrading, and some reporting features.

Glass Fibre Community

Internet provider comparison and review community


Postcode search module matching details entered by site visitors with available internet connections from several internet service providers.


Wind energy project development


Corporate website development. Theming, styling and end-user (editor) training.


Wind energy project development


Corporate website development. Theming, styling and end-user (editor) training.


Wind energy project development


Corporate website development. Theming, styling and end-user (editor) training.

Virtual Starry Night & Tracing Vincent

Vincent van Gogh communities


Community sites with information on the life and works of Vincent van Gogh.


Puzzle and board-game manufacturer


This was my first big Drupal assignment back in 2007. I developed the content structure using CCK, added a workflow to upload product artwork, set up a major categorisation scheme. Despite the company's fame, CMS based websites were somewhat of a novelty to them. Their new website drastically changed the way they communicated to their consumers. We've also migrated the website from Drupal 4 to 5.


  • Dutch Government

    Prototype of the Dutch Tax Department pre-filled tax return forms

  • McDonalds

    HTML mail campaign

  • Rabobank

    Testing and fixing the new corporate layout

  • Equens

    Converting their website to a new HTML theme after a merger

  • Dutch National Archive

    Adapting their website to a new corporate identity

  • Alternatief voor Vakbond

    Website for a new dutch labour union

  • University of Amsterdam

    Electronic Learning Environment administrator

  • University of Amsterdam

    Set up and training for the first university wide CMS

  • Eden Design (Eden Spiekermann)

    Various frontend development and accessibility jobs

  • International Statistical Institute

    Website for international branch of Dutch national statistical institute

  • International Broker Group

    Developing multiple sites for real estate agencies and connection to geo-service

  • Flevo Hospital

    Hospital website development with new layout, text-to-speach plugin and accessible templates

  • Atos Origin / KPN

    Developer support and testing of a statistical analysis service platform for telephone records

  • United Nations

    Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Version control, hosting, testing, developer support

  • Malmberg (Aromedia)

    Created and maintained several educational websites for this Dutch print publisher


University of Amsterdam

Cultural Anthropology and Sociology of Non-Western Societies (1998-2004)

Technical University Delft

Geodetic Engineering (1996-1998)

Dalton Scholengemeenschap, Voorburg

VWO / Gymnasium (1994-1996)

St. Oelbert Gymnasium, Oosterhout

Gymnasium (1990-1994)